Hello and welcome to Data Beta. This website started out as way for me to capture all the notes and information I had been learning in class and online throughout my data science journey. Over time, it has evolved into a place where I can write about my thoughts and ideas about concepts I find important or fascinating, notes on books I’ve recently read, (mostly) R based tutorials, and what I’m currently up to. Data Beta was born from two passions: data and climbing. ‘Beta’ is a rock climbing term used to refer to assistance on a particular move, insight into a climb or climbing area, or more generally as a solution to some problem a climber may be facing on a route. After thinking long and hard about what to call this site, the parallels emerged between my professional and personal endeavors. What is data but a collection of information; a means to answer questions, gain insight, and of course, solve problems. Ultimately, this website is an opportunity for me to engage more personally with the data science community by sharing what I’m interested in, what I’ve learned, and helping any way I can. I strongly believe that to truly understand something, one should be able to teach it. I hope to reinforce what I know, and in the process, provide you with useful information.

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