Well hello again. So you want to know what I’m up to at this very moment? You’ve made it to the right place.

NOW is an idea I adopted from Derek Sivers whom I first learned about on an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show. It’s a simple page giving you an update about what I’m currently up to, working on, and/or interested in.

Updated: July 2019


First and foremost, I am so happy to be back on the wall and climbing full force. I thought that knee surgery was going to curb my 5.13 ambitions for this year but I am beginning to regain confidence that not only is it possible, bit inevitable. Perhaps I won’t send the grade outside anytime soon but it’s certainly doable inside. I lead (cleanly) a 5.12d just last week at Great Western Power Company with the trust and support of my friend and inspirational climbing partner Caro. In addition to that, I lead a 5.11d (with many takes and falls, mind you) at the Emeralds in north Tahoe just last week. Progress is undeniable and it only fuels the fire.

I’ve also been getting a good deal of trad climbing in and building up my skills placing gear and having the courage to climb more challenging routes. Trad climbing is a whole different beast and every time I’m on the wall I am humbled. Yet I am grateful to be able to play so freely outdoors and it only inspires me to continue doing the thing I am so passionate about.


It’s been nearly three months since knee surgery and I am feeling great! I don’t yet have full range of motion, but I am continuing to stretch and to strengthen my leg muscles through climbing, stretching, and weight-lifting. I feel so grateful to be back in the full swing of activity and look forward to being in even better shape than I was before.


JMP scripting (JSL), Python, OSIsoft Pi, oh my! There’s no shortage of new skills on the table and I am doing my best to balance it all. It is a breath of fresh air and I feel rejuvenated to be learning as much as I have been and applying it in a meaningful way.


In January of 2018, I joined the Bay Area Climbers Coalition as the storage operations manager. I am proud to say I will be retaining my role for the coming year. I was much busier than I thought I would be last year and didn’t get much of a chance to participate in the various stewardship events and so I am looking forward to attending more events this year. In addition, we have accummulated a lot more stuff and will be focused on improving our storage unit.


I’m two months into my new job and I couldn’t be happier. I have a great spirit guide (we don’t use the word ‘manager’) and team. Not only am I learning new technical skills such as JMP, python, OSI Pi, software engineering, as well as the Riffyn software itself, I am also learning a great deal about how to think critically and in first principles in relation to process design, resource tracking, inventory management, communication, and customer relations. I am still in the training phase but will soon be taking on some projects of my own.

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